Comms package: twitter storm about the collective #FeministResponse to #COVID19

We are storming twitter today! Join us as we are telling decision-makers why we need a just recovery and transition! We will be sharing messages about our newly launched database, but we welcome you all to add to the twitter storm with your own messages about feminist resilience in times of COVID. Particularly if you have your own campaigns running at the moment, now is the time to share them! Just make sure you use the below two hashtags in all your tweets:


#FeministResponse #COVID19


Monday, 18 May 2020 at 15:00-16:00 CEST


Who to tag

Tag these in your posts or in the photos: list of journalists and collective members on twitter (on the second sheet)

General launch tweets

This new database developed by feminists from all over the world tracks #COVID19 responses and outlines key principles for a just, #FeministResponse. Read more here →
The global feminist movement unites to launch an important tool for a just and resilient recovery. Find out how you can use this website and work towards a #FeministResponse during the #COVID19 crisis. Find out more on
Global feminist have come together to outline principles for a just and resilient recovery from #COVID19, track responses and uplift collective action of feminists around the world. More on #FeministResponse →

Principle 1 – tweets

A #FeministResponse demands action to address increases in xenophobia and racism and avoid rhetoric that fuels discrimination. #COVID19 responses must not increase violence or discrimination against certain populations. Read more here:
We need action to protect the rights of marginalized and excluded communities in #COVID19 responses and to address racism, xenophobia and discrimination. Read more on our #FeministResponse here
#COVID19 Responses must take into consideration the multi-dimensional and intersecting forms of inequalities, discrimination and marginalisation that puts particular groups of people at increased risk. Check our key principles for a #FeministResponse here

Principle 2 – tweets

The human rights of women, girls, and gender non-conforming people are under attack. We need #COVID19 responses that center their human rights, health and well-being, including sexual and reproductive rights. Read our #FeministResponse here
The #COVID19 crisis sparked a rise in domestic violence and led to restrictions of sexual and reproductive health and rights. We need a #FeministResponse that ensures the health and safety of all. Read more here

Principle 3 – tweets

Response measures to #COVID19 must address underlying macro economic, financial & trade structural injustices with stronger international cooperation based on human rights. Read more on our #FeministResponse
Response measures to #COVID19 must address underlying macro economic, financial & trade structural injustices with stronger international cooperation based on human rights. Read more on our #FeministResponse:

Principle 4 – tweets

Local communities, affected groups and civil society organisations and groups must be involved in the developing of #COVID19 responses. Participatory democracy is key to a #FeministResponse. Read more on our key principles here.
Democratic principles should be the foundation of a just recovery from #COVID19. We cannot accept violations or restrictions of peoples´ democratic rights in times of crisis. Read the principles for a #FeministResponse here:
People’s democratic rights, including transparency and accountability, the right to information and freely express their opinions, cannot be violated or restricted. Check our key principles for a #FeministResponse to #COVID19 here:

Principle 5 – tweets

We need #COVID19 responses to strengthen and enforce environmental laws and protect biodiversity, indigenous peoples and local communities. The key principles for a #FeministResponse →  
We cannot go back to the neo-liberal system that is exploiting the planet and harming people and communities. We need a #Covid19 responses to work towards a just transition → #FeministResponse
No more oil industry bail-outs! We need #COVID19 responses to work towards a just and healthy planet for all. Read more about our #FeministResponse here:
Post#COVID19 future shouldn’t be a return to a carbon-intensive economic system based on patriarchy and neo-liberal capitalism. A just transition involves a transformational shift from privatization towards sustainable models. More about #FeministResponse
A just and equitable response to #COVID19 must include the divestment from extractive and military-industrial complexes and reinvestment in social and public goods and essential services, including public health. Check our key principles for #FeministResponse here

Principle 6 – tweets

This crisis knows no borders, that’s why the global response to #COVID19 must be guided by cooperation and global justice. The global feminist movement outlines why #FeministResponse 
We need the multilateral organizations like UN and WHO to ensure a just recovery from #COVID19 by promoting cooperation, human rights and international solidarity. Read more on our #FeministResponse here

Other messages from the collective 

This is the leader we all need – hey @nytimes, you forgot to include her in your #TrueLeaders article on #COVID19: #FeministResponse
If anything this crisis has shown that a lot of the invisible #unpaidwork is done at home: #FeministResponse #COVID19
#COVID19 has shown that we need an economy that values care: #FeministResponse 
#AllTogetherNow – for an ecological, feminist and social future – a world that cares and an economy that prioritizes the wellbeing of people and the planet #TimeToCare: #FeministResponse #COVID19
#FeministBailout builds on #FeministRealities – the solutions and alternatives that exist now, in the many ways we live, struggle and build our lives and our communities. #FeministResponse #COVID19
#DignifiedResponse is a campaign which intends to ensure the response and recovery to #COVID19 crisis upholds and preserve dignity of everyone especially women in all their diversities: #FeministResponse
Check out → #365waystobefeminist which explores what a feminist looks like. It’s also incorporating the impact of #COVID19 in the messaging, inviting feminists to engage in the discussions on topics that move them. #FeministResponse
Check out this campaign focuses on the gendered impact of the #COVID19 pandemic which amplifies pre-existing gender-gaps in the world of work and across societies: #FeministResponse #GenderEqualNewNormal
We need a a bold, transformational and visionary step forward towards a #GenderEqualNewNormal: a world of work free from gender-based violence and harassment through the wide ratification of ILO Convention 190! #COVID19 #FeministResponse
Women have largely been invisible from the UK govts #CoronavirusCrisis decision making table. This summer we’re helping run an exciting programme of free online training for women on getting into politics & community activism – #COVID19 #FeministResponse