Agenda 2030 as a new driving force for gender equality

Our Gender Expert Anke Stock and Director Sascha Gabizon wrote in the European Expression (a Review) about the capacity of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Below is an excerpt from the article:

“WHO analyses across 141 countries on the effects of natural disasters, indicate that although disasters exert negative impacts on everyone, on average they kill more women than men, or kill women at a younger age than men. Even in the European Union, some 110 million people count as poor, and studies show that in Europe women are also disproportionately impacted by cuts in public budget spending and face an increase of unpaid work. Women are therefore also referred to as “the buffer” in times of economic crisis.

These examples show that gender-equality is not just a question of a stand-alone policy area, but needs to be addressed in all policy areas – including those more technical, such as energy, climate change, finance and technology.The 2030 Agenda does reflect this approach by its integrated nature. Even though gender equality is separately enshrined in Goal No. 5, it is an integral part of all 17 SDGs.”