Urine Diverting Dry Toilets: principles, operation, construction (revised manual)

The integration of 10 years experiences on UDDT, new pictures and design makes the revised UDDT manual even more attractive for implementers, NGO´s, communities and households, than the previous version from 2006 which was translated into at least 8 languages, guiding NGO´s and families in 13 countries how to construct and operate a UDDT.

The revised manual shows different types of UDDTs for households: indoor and outdoor, squatting and sitting, single vault and double vault and explains the differences of its construction and operation.  Attention is paid on smell prevention of the UDDT and a safe management and reuse of the toilet products.

The manual will be an educational and practical tool for project implementers and partner, for example for the project “Reducing chemicals and contamination of drinking water sources in rural communities in Bosnia-Herzegovina, FYR Macedonia and Albania” of the SAICM Quick Start Programme, UNEP.



The revision of the manual was supported by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), within the project “Managing Wastewater through Global Partnership”.