Masculinities for a Greener Future: A New Story (webinar)

Join us for an engaging exploration where we will put masculinities under the microscope. What does “unpacking masculinities” mean, and what does it have to do with our journey toward a more sustainable future? How can it help us achieve the European Green Deal?


Friday, 24 November at 14:00 15:30 CET

What’s it about

Starting with the basics — What exactly is hegemonic masculinity? And what about ecomasculinity? How does it differ from ecological masculinities? How can we encourage sustainable masculinities? And where do masculinities fit into the broader picture of social justice movements? Understanding these ideas will help us to better face the challenges we have in front of us, in terms of what we need to do to achieve a sustainable, green future.

We are running out of time to achieve the green transition, and it is becoming increasingly obvious that we cannot continue with siloed approaches that treat the climate crisis as a technical-scientific problem to be ‘solved’. Using an intersectional gender lens can help us better understand how we bring together social change and environmental action. However, often work on gender equality can be alienating to groups who feel this focus is just ‘for women’. In this webinar, we aim to unpack the ideas contained within different types of masculinities to show that everyone has a role to play in the question of social change and the green transition. 

Who will be there? Who’s it for?

Women Engage for a Common Future (WECF) and Starfish collective are the co-hosts of this thought-provoking event. WECF is an ecofeminist network with over 250 organisations worldwide working for environmental and social justice. Starfish collective is made up of educators, researchers and activists who work towards engaging more boys and men, with people of all genders, to develop a truly sustainable and vibrant planet for all – by centering care.

  • Dr. Paul M. Pulé (he)scholar and educator for change, social and environmental justice activist. Co-author of the book Ecological Masculinities and co-editor of the book Men, Masculinities & Earth. Co-founder of the Starfish Collective.
  • Abigail Sykes (she) journalist, translator and educator with a focus on the Transition to sustainable, just and regenerative societies. Co-founder of Starfish Collective.
  • Dr. Uchechukwu Peter Umezurike (he) an assistant professor in the Department of English, University of Calgary, Canada, researching postcolonial and ecocritical literatures, gender (masculinities), and creative writing.

  • Nosheen Rana (she)Associated with University of Wah, Pakistan. PhD scholar in Numl and currently in Utrecht University, Netherlands for her research work. Researcher in the field of Postcolonial Eco Masculinity. 

  • Sohanur Rahman (he) – a youth climate advocate and Chief Executive of Bangladesh Model Youth Parliament, is an expert in youth leadership, activism, masculinities and climate justice.

If you’re passionate about sustainability, masculinity, or simply curious about the connections between the two, this event is for you. Join us for an inspiring conversation that has the power to shape our future for the better.

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 This event is brought to you by Women Engage for a Common Future (WECF) –  a partner of the REAL DEAL project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101037071. The content herein is the views of WECF, unless otherwise stated, and should not be interpreted to represent the views of the European Union.