Why are we angry – we are angry for all the silenced voices at COP27

This photo was snapped yesterday by The Guardian at the UNFCCC climate negotiations, COP27. Civil society was demonstrating for all the silenced voices who stood up for our environment, our future, our rights. Here you can see Gina in a moment of silence for those lost souls. Just before she read up a list of more than a hundred names of murdered women’s rights and environmental defenders

Why is Gina so angry in this photo?

😡 She is angry for all the environmental defenders who have lost their lives when all they did was to protect the environment – our future.

😡 She is angry for all the environmental defenders who are falsely imprisoned. She is angry because states are not upholding human rights.

😡 She is angry because the climate negotiations are not accessible to: human rights defenders, and Indigenous, Afrodescendant, young, grassroots, frontline and feminist activists.

😡 she is angry at all the fossil fuel lobbyists attending #COP27. The Guardian reports “there are a record number of fossil fuel lobbyists at Cop this year. There are 600 of them, an increase of more than 25% on last year, and they outnumber any one frontline community affected by the climate crisis.”  Let us be clear they put profit over people. That is why we need to kick the big polluters out from the negotiations, and get the people in.


Anger at fossil fuel lobbyist numbers: what happened on fourth day of Cop27

And so we are edging towards the end of the first week. Friday is decarbonisation and industry day, with events themed around that topic. The US president, Joe Biden, is heading to Egypt and Asia. He is expected to drop in on Cop27 on Friday before going on to the East Asia Summit in Cambodia and then the annual G20 in Indonesia.

Feminists at COP27

The Women & Gender Constituency and allies held a cross-constituency planned protest within the COP27 venue to call attention to the many silenced voices at COP27. This action highlighed and honored the thousands of activists, political prisoners, and human rights defenders who have been excluded from the negotiations, imprisoned for standing for human rights, and who are not here with us today due to violence and persecution. Advocates wore white to stand in solidarity human rights defenders; shared demands and quotes of excluded voices; and held a moment of silence for those who have been murdered for defending human rights and our planet.

“I’m speaking on behalf of women environmental human rights defenders in our countries and our region in Asia and the Pacific. It is so hard to come here [to COP], and I’m speaking here to bring their voices,” said Ana Gabriela Celestial, of APWLD and Asia Pacific Network of Environment Defenders. “And back home we are being harassed, silenced, criminalized because of our defense of our homes, our livelihoods, our environment. Even in the halls of COP27, they are afraid when we speak truth to power about false solutions and greenwashing schemes.”


We join her in her anger! Enough is enough!



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