Training of local women’s groups and communities on forest conservation in Kogi State, Nigeria

Women Environmental Programme (WEP), in collaboration with Chachavivi Women and Girl Child Development Foundation (CCWGDF) on 19th May 2022, organized a training for local communities and women’s groups on forest conservation.

As agriculture is one of the drivers of deforestation in the state, participants were taught agricultural practices that do not cause forest degradation such as agroforestry, production and use of organic fertilizers and pesticide, natural pests and weed control among other sustainable practices. The training, which was held at New Age Modern Hall, opposite the NYSC Secretariat, Lokoja, Kogi State, brought together representatives of local communities from the three Senatorial Districts of Kogi State, along side women’s groups, civil society organizations, media and relevant State Government Agencies. Participants were trained on sustainable forest management techniques to prevent forest degradation.

This activity is one of the activities under Forest for a Just Future Programme of the Green Livelihoods Alliance (GLA 2), that aims to ensure that tropical forests and forest landscapes are sustainably and inclusively governed to mitigate and adapt to climate change, fulfil human rights and safeguard local livelihoods.

The project believes that; well governed forests provide a large range of services to humans, thereby fulfilling human rights; and also, well governed forests store carbon, sequester carbon dioxide and provide basic livelihood needs that increase the resilience of indigenous people and local communities (IPLCs) to the effects of climate change.

WEP is implementing the gender components of the GLA 2 programme in Nigeria with funding support from WECF International.