Gender glossary: Promoting inclusivity and equality in the European Green Deal

As advocates for social justice, we know that language matters. The words we choose can either promote or harm inclusivity and equality. That’s why we’ve created this Gender Glossary for individuals and organisations working on the European Green Deal.

Our Glossary includes a comprehensive list of terms and concepts, from “ableism” to “transphobia,” with recommended language to use when talking about marginalised groups. By using this Glossary, you can avoid misunderstandings or the use of potentially hurtful language, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

We believe that promoting inclusivity and equality is a critical step towards building a better world. That’s why we’re making our Gender Glossary available to anyone who wants to be a part of this important movement.

Language is organic and can change over time. Words and phrases that were considered progressive ten years ago are not considered so today. This is largely due to the work of a variety of activists who use their experiences to highlight why certain language is helpful or discriminatory. Making honest mistakes in the language you use is okay. Though it is important to reflect on this to continuously strive to have the most progressive language possible.

Printscreen of the gender glossary and a huge illustrated mouth, with the words

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This glossary was made by us, as part of the REAL DEAL project. REAL DEAL is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101037071. The content herein is the views of WECF, unless otherwise stated, and should not be interpreted to represent the views of the European Union. Learn more about the REAL DEAL.