Our COP28 side events: an overview

At COP28, WECF will organise a number of side events. If you are present at COP, you are invited to join. View our overview of the side events below. For a detailed description of each side event, scroll down further, or view our events page.

3 December: Gender Just Climate Policy & Finance: From Barriers to Actionable Solutions

Women-led community-based organisations (CBOs) find current financing and decision-making processes almost inaccessible. Yet, it’s these very organisations that are spearheading the most holistic and effective gender-just climate solutions.Join us for a crucial conversation that moves beyond identifying barriers and paves the way for actionable, concrete solutions. In this discussion you will:

  • Hear from local CBO and NGO representatives how they implement gender just climate solutions.
  • Learn more about the current obstacles they face to access finance and meaningfully engage in decision-making processes.
  • Engage in an interactive dialogue between practitioners, governmental representatives and philanthropic donors to make gender-just climate policy and finance a reality.

Date: Sunday, 3 December 2023

Time (UAE time): 13:15 – 14:45

Venue: SE Room 7

Registration: For in-person participation, no registration is needed. For online participation: register here

Language(s): Event held in English. For in-person audiences: live interpretation in French, Portuguese and Spanish available.

4 December: Climate finance for forests, biodiversity & food security: what can we do better?

During the side event, a diverse panel including grassroots women, Indigenous and local community representatives will discuss how to ensure that climate finance is directed to the local level. Focusing on locally-led adaptation and mitigation principles, particularly the vital importance of being gender-responsive, we will address how financial mechanisms (including for example the Loss and Damage Fund) can better support communities at the frontline of tropical forest and biodiversity stewardship and conservation.

Date: Monday, 4 December

Time (UAE time):  16:00 – 17:15

Venue: IUCN Pavilion

Language(s): English

5 December: Gender Just Climate Solutions Awards

We will showcase outstanding, locally owned climate actions that center gender justice and transform the ambition of climate policies. We aim at inspiring decision makers for an inclusive Global Stocktake process for a gender-responsive, rights-based implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Date: Tuesday, 5 December 2023

Time (UAE time): 11:30 – 13:00

Venue: SE Room 1

Language(s): Event held in English, live French and Arabic interpretation available.

8 December: Forests, vital reserves for humanity: ensuring their protection and inclusive management, as well as access to innovative financing

Testimonies from actors in the field, presenting exemplary practices that integrate gender justice into the management of natural resources, the fight against the climate crisis and the conservation of biodiversity.

Date: Friday, 8 December 2023

Time (UAE time): 16:30 – 18:00

Venue: French Pavilion

Language(s): Event held in French, live English interpretation available.

9 December: Good practices of Gender-responsive Climate Action: Matching capacity-building needs and existing opportunities

This interactive session will enable participants to share good practices and opportunities to support Parties and other actors that are committed to implementing climate action in line with the Paris agreements’ key preambular principles of a.o. human rights, gender equality and just transition.

Participants of the worldcafe roundtables will build on short introductory good practices from feminist organisations and social enterprises, and co-create recommendations to identify needs and strengthen gender responsiveness of climate programmes.

Date: Saturday, 9 December 2023

Time (UAE time): 11:40 – 12:40

Venue: Capacity Building Hub

Language(s): Event held in English

9 December: Gender-just and community rights perspectives on forest & biodiversity conservation: pathways for climate justice

During this dialogue we will discuss and present examples of gender-just community conservation and restoration of forests and other ecosystem initiatives, including the strengthening of land tenure rights as one of the most effective ways to mitigate climate change. Representatives of feminist groups and other gender experts will contrast these approaches with some of the ‘false solutions’ being promoted through the increasing corporate capture of forest and climate policy-making, which can be deeply harmful to IP&LCs particularly women and girls in all their diversity. 

Date: Saturday, 9 December 2023

Time (UAE time): 15:00 – 16:30

Venue: WGC Pavilion

Language(s): Event held in English

10 December: Bridging Gender Gaps in NDC implementation: lessons learned from community-led climate technology solutions

To achieve the Paris Agreement goal, we must adopt feminist approaches to implement NDCs that address the multiple intersecting climate, biodiversity, and economic crises. This event will facilitate a dialogue among government, Suns, UNFCCC bodies, international and grassroots organisations to learn from the experiences of community-led climate technology initiatives that can help bridge gender gaps in climate action.

Date: Sunday, 10 December 2023

Time (UAE time): 11:00 – 12:00

Venue: NDC Partnership Pavilion

Language(s): Event held in English

11 December: Making BENELUX climate and energy policies feminist and decolonial

This event aims to support the efforts of BENELUX policy makers to achieve feminist and decolonial climate and energy policies through practical recommendations, and better cooperation with Annex I countries.

Date: Monday, 11 December 2023

Time (UAE time): 15:30 – 17:00

Venue: Benelux Pavilion

Language(s): Event held in English, live Dutch and French interpretation available.