Meet Victoria Kovalenko, TEAD Women Energy Ambassador

Meet Victoria Kovalenko, a passionate advocate for sustainable development and energy efficiency, currently serving as the Sustainable Development Manager at DiXi Group. She’s also a key player in the TEAD Programme, which aims to empower women in Ukraine’s energy sector. In our latest interview series, we’re shining a spotlight on Women Energy Ambassadors like Victoria, sharing their experiences, successes, and the challenges they face in a predominantly male industry.

Victoria’s journey in the energy sector is marked by her dedication to making a global impact in energy efficiency and sustainability. She believes that her work extends beyond Ukraine, resonating worldwide. Her career started at the Research and Development Center at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, where she worked on designing measuring equipment and engaging in analytical tasks.

In her role as the Chief Energy Manager at the Institute, Victoria conducted energy audits for academic buildings and dormitories. For her, energy audits are crucial for monitoring consumption and implementing efficiency measures. She emphasizes that an energy audit report not only reveals consumption losses but also provides practical solutions and recommendations for energy-saving measures.

Victoria’s commitment to continuous improvement is evident in her diverse training experiences, including participation in the E-ETAP project in Ukraine and completing the Energy Audit in Buildings program in Kyiv. Her advice for aspiring energy auditors includes having a solid understanding of energy efficiency, regulations, legislative initiatives, and technical documentation. She also stresses the importance of analytical and communication skills, responsibility, and goal-setting.

In her role, Victoria prioritizes achieving results and maintaining task quality, embodying the values of sustainable development and energy efficiency. Her journey is an inspiration for those aiming to make a meaningful impact in energy auditing and sustainability.

As a dedicated professional in the sustainable development field, Victoria Kovalenko represents the remarkable women driving change and innovation in Ukraine’s energy sector. Her story is one of inspiration and unwavering commitment to a sustainable, inclusive, and energy-efficient future.