Kirsten Meijer, our Netherlands Office Director, on what it means to her to be part of an ecofeminist movement 

We recently turned 25 years, a quarter of a century on this earth! To celebrate this great feat, we have digged into our archives and memories to find some gems for you. For example, read the dialogue between our founders or Sascha Gabizon’s reminisce of our journey to where we are today.

Photo credit: Fleur Beemster

I am so happy, excited and proud to be part of this ecofeminist movement. A movement that dates back even from before the existence of WECF. With inspiring forerunners like Rachel Carson who, with her publication Silent Spring, successfully fought against the use of harmful pesticides. A fight that is still very necessary today and that is continued by our colleagues Margriet and Verena.  

What an honour it is to be part of the same movement as the indigenous women from the Amazon forests who risk their own life and livelihoods to challenge deforestation and patriarchy at the same time. When we walked the streets together in Katowice at the climate negotiations in 2018 – some of my colleagues also marched in Madrid on the outskirts of COP25 – you realize: this is international solidarity and it is needed. Together we can be strong, and we have to be strong to save the forests with all its valuable qualities that humanity is so dependent on. For example, the lungs of the earth that provides us with the air that we need to survive.  

And finally, what a great pleasure it is to be in this movement together with such great colleagues from our different offices. Besides Netherlands, we have offices in Germany, France, Switzerland and Georgia. It is truly inspiring to be part of such a dedicated, professional and idealistic team!  

Feminists demand climate justice. Photo copyright – Spielvogel Wikicommons