Join the TEAD Workshop: Empowering Women Energy Ambassadors in Ukraine 

We extend a warm invitation to all energy professionals in promoting gender equality in the Ukrainian energy sector to join our upcoming TEAD workshop. Titled “Empowering Women Energy Ambassadors in Ukraine,” this event aims to address the existing challenges and opportunities for women in Ukraine’s energy industry. By focusing on empowering women and bridging gender gaps, we aim to foster a more inclusive and diverse energy sector. This workshop is organized within the framework of the TEAD project, which supports Ukraine’s Energy Strategy implementation and enhances professional skills in the energy sector. 

 Event Details: 

  • Date: Wednesday, June 28 
  • Time: 11:00-13:00 hrs Ukraine time (10:00 am-12:00 noon CEST) 
  • Venue: Online (Zoom meeting) 

The workshop intends to analyse the bottlenecks and gaps faced by women in Ukraine’s energy sector. By identifying the knowledge, skills, resources, and support required by women energy ambassadors, we aim to empower them in their professional lives. Participants will gain valuable insights into gender-specific challenges and opportunities within the energy industry and learn strategies to effectively engage and empower women in Ukraine’s energy sector. 

During the workshop, we will focus on the following key areas: 

  1. Addressing gender gaps in the energy sector and understanding their implications
  2. Discussing strategies to overcome gender barriers and biases.
  3. Providing an overview of existing policies and regulations promoting gender equality in the energy sector and advocating for policy changes and an inclusive decision-making process.
  4. Sharing best practices and lessons learned from successful initiatives.
  5. Encouraging open discussion, the sharing of experiences, and the exchange of ideas among participants.


To secure your place at the workshop, we kindly request that you register in advance by visiting the following link: The workshop will be in Ukrainian, with simultaneous translation available in English.   


By participating in the “Empowering Women Energy Ambassadors in Ukraine” workshop, you will contribute to the advancement of gender equality in the energy sector. Together, we can address the challenges faced by women and develop effective strategies for their empowerment. Join us in this important endeavor and be a part of the positive change in Ukraine’s energy industry. 

 The workshop will be held within the framework of the TEAD project, which supports the implementation of the Energy Strategy of Ukraine and contributes to the state’s efforts to increase and improve the quality of technical capacity in the energy sector by enhancing the professional skills of its employees. The initiative supplies to the implementation of Ukraine’s decision to fully integrate into the European energy structure, as well as to the implementation of the principles and practices and all obligations imposed on Ukraine under the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement and the Treaty establishing the Energy Community.