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Good Practices on Integrated & Transboundary Water Cooperation – UN Water Conference

22 March 2023 @ 11:00 - 12:15 EDT

This side event will share good practices from stakeholder engagement in integrated and transboundary river basin cooperation from the Balkan and Eastern European, Caucasus and Central Asian (EECCA) region, highlighting the contributions from different sectors of society to find solutions to common challenges. The side event will focus on shared river basins in Balkan, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and the mechanisms that are allowing cooperation and sustainable development based on shared water resources, towards achieving SDG6.  

WATER ACTION: The event will discuss concrete proposals for the Water Action Agenda based on commitments from organisers and partners on transboundary and integrated water cooperation and inclusive multi-stakeholder governance.  



Ministry of the Environment, Republic of Moldova


WECF International – Women Engage for a Common Future, Netherlands (Ecosoc status) 

International Fund for the Aral Sea IFAS, Kazakhstan

UNECE Water Convention secretariat

Eco-Tiras network of Non-Governmental Organisations, Moldova

Black Sea Women’s Club, Ukraine 

Journalists for Human Rights, North Macedonia

ARGO NGO, Kazakhstan 



11:00 – Welcome (5 min)
Ms. Sascha Gabizon, WECF (Netherlands)
Welcoming words and Introduction to the topic and programme
If you do not consent to your photo or video being taken, please do inform my colleague Rebecca Heuvelmans

11:05 – Opening Words (10 min)

Mrs. Iordanca-Rodica Iordanov – Minister of the Environment; Government of Moldova (in person – 4 Min)
Welcoming words by the host on the importance of stakeholder engagement and transboundary water cooperation

Ms Terhi Hakala, EU Special Representative for Central Asia (in person – 2 min)
International cooperation on water security in the European and Central Asian region

Ms. Kaja Shukova, The Minister of Environment of North Macedonia (Video – 2 min)
Integrated water management and stakeholder engagement

11:15 – Introduction to Transboundary Water Cooperation Mechanism in the EECCA (15 min)

Mr. Bolat Bekniyaz, Director of the International Fund for the Aral Sea in the Republic of Kazakhstan (IFAS) (in person – 3 min)

Ms. Sonja Koeppel, Secretary of the Water Convention UNECE
Transboundary water cooperation in the EECCA Region – progress and challenges (in person – 3 min)
Transboundary water cooperation in Central Asia

Question for panel: how are civil society and other stakeholders important for your transboundary water cooperation mechanisms? (3 min)

11:30 – River Basins, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe (25 min)

Mr. Radu Cazacu, Vice Director of Water Agency, Moldova (3 min)
The role of the Water Agency in transboundary water cooperation and stakeholder engagement

Mr. Ilya Trombitsky, Eco-TIRAS (3 min)
Stakeholder engagement from Moldova in promotion of the transboundary water cooperation framework and in the Dniester River Basin Commission activities to achieve the SDGs 

Ms. Svitlana Slesarenok, Black Sea Women’s Club (3 min)
Stakeholder engagement from Ukraine in promotion of the transboundary water cooperation framework and in the Dniester River Basin Commission activities to achieve the SDGs 

Ms. Kaisha Atakhanova, ARGO (Kazakhstan)
Local community engagement in water cooperation for sustainable development in Central Asia

Question for panel: suggestions for strengthening cooperation mechanisms and for replication (5 min)

11:55 – Respondents and Discussion (20 min)

Ambassador Igli Hassani, Co-ordinator of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Economic and Environmental Activities (3 min)
Supporting stakeholder engagement in transboundary water cooperation including women, gender and youth organisations

Ms. Andrea Nakova, Youth representative North-Macedonia
sharing priorities from the youth engagement in integrated water and river cooperation (3 min)

Potential Additional Respondents

Ms. Victoria Gratii – Interim Head of Integrated Water Resources Management Policies Division, Ministry of the Environment;

Ms. Nelea Turchin – Chief Consultant, Policy Analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation Division, Ministry of the Environment;

Nadejda Chilaru, Team Leader UNDP Project “Supporting Moldovan authorities in sustainable management of the Dniester River”.



22 March 2023
11:00 - 12:15


Hosted by the Ministry of the Environment, Republic of Moldova


UN Headquarters Room 9

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