EU Parliament to vote on criteria for endocrine disruptors


Tomorrow, Thursday 28 September, the EU parliament is voting on new plans to regulate endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs).

The criteria that will be voted on however are insufficient, for two reasons. Firstly, the proposed criteria demand an unrealistic heavy burden of proof, due to which many harmful substances will not be subject to regulation. A second point of concern is the exception of some specific pesticides and biocides, although these are developed to disturb insects’ hormone systems, and are potentially harmful to human health as well.

Recent scientific research has recently demonstrated that EDC’s can accumulate in certain areas of the brain. It is generally accepted that EDC’s are a danger to human health, due to carcinogenic properties and the capacity to disturb the hormone system.

We are part of the EDC-Free Europe Coalition and agrees that the proposed criteria are to weak to protect the environment and health of the population.

You can help sending a strong message to our politicians, by signing the petition to stop hormone disrupting chemicals. Let your voice be heard here!