Empowering women in Ukraine’s energy sector: Uniting for a brighter and inclusive future

By Yaroslava Kovalenko

Insights from an inspiring TEAD workshop 

 On June 28 our team conducted the online workshop with the title “Empowering Women Energy Ambassadors in Ukraine”, which aimed to analyse the bottlenecks and gaps that exist for women in the energy sector of Ukraine and look for ways how to empower women energy ambassadors in Ukraine. We also found out what sort of knowledge, skills, resources, and support they are looking for in their professional life. The event helped us a lot in gaining more information for the sustainable implementation of the project. 

Our participants and guests were truly enthusiastic and passionate in the pursuit of empowering women in Ukraine’s energy sector. Through dynamic group discussions, we gained valuable insights into the challenges women face and explored innovative ways to support and inspire them. 

Participants of group 1 uncovered various shortcomings in the energy sector, such as inadequate working conditions and gaps in legislation. Despite these obstacles, our determination to help with the creation of a positive change knows no bounds. 

Group 2 showed exceptional creativity and vision, suggesting exciting strategies to increase the visibility of women professionals in the energy sector. Flexibility of the working conditions, regular certification training and highlighting achievements of female leaders will undoubtedly encourage and give confidence to achieve success. 

Group 4 inspired with their passionate drive to encourage women’s active participation and leadership. From an early age, we can foster interest in technical fields and equip girls with the skills they need to lead fearlessly. 

Group 5 explored empowering solutions, including promoting women-led energy audit businesses and extending support from beyond Ukraine’s borders.  

The TEAD team extends heartfelt gratitude to all participants for their active engagement, openness, and determination to pave the way for a more equitable energy sector. Your contributions have set the stage for remarkable progress!  Together, we move ahead with unwavering confidence, firm in our belief that empowering women in Ukraine’s energy sector will bring a positive and transformative change. Keep a close eye on TEAD for future updates and join us in our exciting journey towards a brighter, more inclusive energy future! 

More information on the TEAD Trainings for Energy Auditors & Technical Designers programme can be found on the TEAD website.