CLEEN success: key achievements of our energy efficiency regional partnership

Proudly presenting the CLEEN results! The CLEEN project has come to an end, and it has reached many great results. Watch the video below and discover all the wonderful results of the CLEEN project.

The network CLEEN promotes the development of a regional partnership of more
than 30 civil society organizations in the countries: Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and
Ukraine. The increase of energy efficiency as an important topic for the target regions is
the main focus. Through the establishment and the qualification of regional network partnerships, more than 30 civil society organizations get informed and trained about energy efficiency, energy saving possibilities, renewable energies and political work. WECF cooperates with long-term partners in the four project countries. The successful partnerships ensure the consideration of local requirements and a good organizational and content cooperation. A qualification program for the 30 environmental organizations prepares them, as best as possible, for the implementation of their own projects.