Why women are essential for sustainable development

In 2002, the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) was held in Johannesburg. We went there together with our delegation of twelve women from Eastern and Western Europe. In preparation, we organised a European Women’s Conference for a Sustainable Future in the Czech Republic. At this Herstoric event we prepared our key messages and recommendations for the WSSD. This publication is the input gathered from over 70 feminists and women environmental activists in preparation of the WSSD. These recommendations were presented by our delegates at four workshops in Johannesburg: on women’s view on problems of water privatisation, on gender and energy and on health and environmental security. The workshops included speeches by the South-African Minister for Energy and the Dutch Minister for Development Cooperation.

Results of the European Women’s Conference for a sustainable Future
Celakovice (Prague), 14-17 March 2002
Published by WECF, Munich/Bunnik July 2002
Editor: Sascha Gabizon
Input by: Irene Dankelman, Anne Barre, Marie Kranendonk, Helen Lynn, Nadezda Kutepova, Isabel Ripa, Svetlana Slesarenok, Annemarie Mohr, Melania Cavelli
Pages: 155


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