ECE Regional People’s Assembly Declaration – For the sustainable future for all

SDG Summit New York 2023: As we approach the halfway point in our journey to achieve the 2030 Agenda, our goals for social justice, human rights, equitable global distribution, and environmental sustainability seem increasingly challenging. Civil society and activists in the ECE region have been working tirelessly, but austerity measures, xenophobia, conflicts, and a lack of political commitment are straining our fundamental systems. These issues raise doubts about fulfilling the visionary commitments made in 2015.

UN General Assembly and SDG Summit: World leaders will gather at the UN headquarters in New York next week during the UN General Assembly and SDG Summit. We urge UNECE governments to reaffirm their 2015 pledges. Our Regional People’s Assembly Declaration serves as a reminder to policymakers and provides a comprehensive set of recommendations to drive progress on the 2030 Agenda in the UNECE region across 9 key thematic areas.

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What’s in our Regional People’s Declaration: Key Insights for the 2030 Agenda

Explore our comprehensive recommendations for advancing the 2030 Agenda in the UNECE region:

Civil society engagement

  • Discover strategies to enhance civil society engagement, commit to VNRs and SDG reporting, address data deficiencies, foster policy coherence, and establish regional collaboration and peer learning mechanisms.

Social justice and inclusion

  • Find recommendations to recognize SDG 1.3 as the foundation for SDG success, implement locally-responsive social protection floors (SPFs), support the Global Fund for Social Protection, and leave no one behind through monitoring and social inclusion programs.

Shrinking civic space

  • Explore suggestions for implementing UN recommendations, creating an enabling environment for civil society, ensuring peaceful protest rights, eliminating restrictive NGO laws, and engaging in diplomatic negotiations to protect civic freedoms.

Peace and conflicts

  • Learn about recommendations emphasizing diplomatic solutions to conflicts, prioritizing arms control and disarmament agreements, reaffirming commitment to nuclear arms control and non-proliferation efforts, and building capacity for conflict resolution.

Financing for development

  • Discover insights related to enhancing social investments, meeting international obligations, reforming the international financial system, and supporting the International Conference on Financing for Development.

Climate action

  • Explore suggestions related to diversifying climate solutions and tailor approaches, promoting social dialogue and inclusive governance, integrating climate justice and gender equality, and prioritizing education and awareness on climate action.

Digital dividends and AI

  • Find recommendations related to upholding human rights principles and ensuring human control of AI, fostering inclusive governance and digital rights, holding big tech accountable, and promoting social dialogue and ICT education.

Wellbeing economy:

  • Learn about recommendations related to transitioning to a wellbeing economy, embracing academic research and innovative policies, reforming the global fiscal framework, and focusing on regeneration and addressing global inequities.

UN We Need

  • Discover insights into accelerating SDG implementation, expanding Security Council membership, supporting the UNMute Campaign, and honoring commitments for official development assistance and climate finance.

Each of these fields contains specific recommendations for advancing progress on the 2030 Agenda in the UNECE region. Explore them to gain valuable insights into our vision for a sustainable future.