Caution PFAS! Stop Forever Chemicals. Now!

PFAS is the abbreviation for per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances, a group of more than 9,000 man-made chemicals of increasing concern.

As humans we come into contact with hundreds of these toxic chemicals every day and they can be detected in the blood of humans and animals worldwide. The problem is that once in the environment they will last “for ever” or at least for a very long time. And (on) getting into our bodies PFAS make us sick.

The question arises why PFAS have not been banned long ago despite their toxic effect and their high persistence?

Our WECF paper “Caution! PFAS. #NotWastingOurFuture. Stop Forever Chemicals. Now!” gives an insight into the world of forever chemicals: what they are, where they are used and how they pollute us and our environment. We look at what needs to be done politically and what each individual can do to protect themselves against and reduce PFAS.