What we do

WECF has been working with local partners in Ukraine for over 25 years, focusing on gender equality and sustainable solutions in climate, energy, water, and sanitation. Our efforts have supported the sustainable energy transition, job creation, and advocacy for democratization and human rights.

Menstrual Health in Times of War in Ukraine

In response to the urgent need for sanitary conditions and menstrual products amid the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, WECF, with financial support from Natracare, provides menstrual health products to individuals affected by the war. This initiative focuses on people in conflict zones in eastern and southern Ukraine, displaced individuals within the country, and those in neighboring countries like Moldova and Romania.

WECF’s ecofeminist ethos and experience in socially just and sustainable solutions underpin our commitment to menstrual health management (MHM) during the war. Our partnership with Natracare, spanning three years, supports the provision of menstrual hygiene products and the improvement of emergency latrines, including dry female urinals, distributed to front lines and shelters as part of medical aid kits. Refugee centres in neighboring countries also receive gender-responsive support.

Local partners such as Ecoclub Rivne, the Black Sea Women’s Club (BSWC) in Odesa, and Marsh Zhinok play a crucial role in information dissemination and distribution, ensuring a gender-responsive allocation of MHM solutions.

Focus areas

Our focus includes addressing the diverse humanitarian needs arising from the ongoing Russian aggression in Ukraine. Women, who often serve as first responders, face significant challenges such as unpaid work, lack of income, and limited access to goods and aid due to displacement and hostilities. We prioritize providing essential menstrual health products and improving sanitary conditions for women and girls in conflict zones.


Ukraine and neighbouring countries Moldova and Poland


Marsh Zhinok, Black Sea Women’s Club Odesa, Divchata, NGO Brave Ukraine