Help us raise money for solar panels for hospitals in Ukraine

While it has always been an integral part of WECF’s mission to advocate for decentralized energy solutions, such as solar panels, it is now a matter of life and death for the Ukrainian population to have access to such decentralised green technologies.

Russia has shown no limits when it comes to achieving its “national interest” and has subjected Ukrainians to long months of shelling and bombing of the country’s civilian and energy infrastructure. As a result of this repeated energy terrorism and consequent power outages, those who have somehow managed to escape the bombs are now facing unforgiving cold temperatures, but so are those who have been wounded and are seeking medical assistance in the hospitals. The conditions in which civilians and soldiers alike receive treatment can be defined by you.

Ecoclub Rivne, long-term partner of WECF, together with the Solar Energy Association of Ukraine, have therefore launched a comprehensive project with the goal of providing assistance to the country’s hospitals in the event of persistent widespread outages. To counter the sheer destruction of infrastructure perpetrated by Ukraine’s hostile neighbour and at the same time allow for the treatment of patients, the project aims to provide backup power supply sources for hospitals in the form of solar power plants.

As of now, six hospitals across five different regions are expected to install several solar power plants that will provide 200 kW of installed PV capacity each, however, in order for this to happen, in total 200 thousand euros is needed to be collected. As part of the fundraising campaign, donations are accepted through this link with the option to transfer money directly, but one can also help by providing equipment or other ways of implementing the project. WECF is, as ever, happy to assist in this process by spreading the word.

You can donate directly to Ecoclub via this link  or via our own Donate Page (by mentioning SunForUA )

It should be noted that not only do hospitals provide treatment for the civilian population, but they also ensure the rehabilitation of soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and volunteers, who have been defending the country for the past nine months and will continue to do so until each and every Ukrainian is safe.

Hospitals and medical staff for whom the money is raised. Credit: Ecoclub

We, as WECF, can think of no better organization than Ecoclub to coordinate such a project, as it was Ecoclub that installed Ukraine’s first solar power plant in Voznesensk, Mykolaiv Oblast, and has a 20-year track record of environmental preservation. By contrast, the Solar Energy Association of Ukraine is the largest specialized association of the solar industry in Ukraine and has been protecting the interests of participants in the “green” energy market for more than five years. It also promotes the development and popularization of solar energy in Ukraine. The two will make every effort to see this project become a reality, but significant help is needed.

Text: Julie Ostapjukova