Great news, a new Gender Action Plan was adopted at COP25

Yesterday, after days of difficult negotiations, we finally got consensus among the negotiating parties on a Gender Action Plan that includes language on human rights, funding and just transition. It was a great victory after two weeks of hard negotiations. COP25 was incredibly frustrating for civil society as we saw attempts to weaken the progressive language on human rights as set out in the previous Gender Action Plan under the Lima Work Programme.

The GAP has been unanimously agreed to by governments who are called to lead or contribute to actions to promote gender-equality in the UNFCCC process as well as support all activities. Crucially, this GAP takes into account human rights, ensuring a just transition, and the challenges Indigeneous Peoples face while fighting for climate justice and protecting their communities. “In comparison to the initial GAP, new activities provide the opportunity to meaningfully shift towards capacity building and enhanced implementation of gender-responsive climate action at all levels, including for example, the promotion of gender-responsive technology solutions and and preserving local, indigenous and traditional knowledge and practices in different sectors” said Ndivile Mokoena, GenderCC – Women for Climate Justice Southern Africa.

Together with our colleagues of the Women & Gender Constituency, worked really hard for the last two weeks to ensure that there was no pushback on gender equality in our decision-makers’ climate action ambition.

Press release

Women & Gender Constituency – Advances for Gender Equality at COP25