Feminist organizing toolkit – planning virtual meetings

In the last two months, we were thrilled to see so many people participate in our joint three-part webinar series on “Planning Virtual Meetings.” As April and May progressed and the coronavirus pandemic necessitated social distancing around the world, it was clear we would need more virtual organizing than ever before. The webinars were an urgent response to that need, but we also know that digital tools and skills will be a critical tool for our movements far beyond this moment.  As feminists, we know we must continue to find ways to build power together online.

Though this toolkit might be particularly useful in this time of social distancing, we hope its utility extends beyond, too. We must reach and connect to our feminist partners and allies around the world in order to address the most pressing global issues of our time, and virtual meetings can be one crucial tool in our toolbox for that work. In this toolkit, you’ll find resources and teachings on: 1) Planning meetings: accessibility & methodology; 2) Logistics: nuts & bolts of software; 3) Digital safety. We hope you’ll find it useful!


This toolkit was developed by WEDO and WECF with the kind financial support of the Heinrich Böll Stiftung Washington, DC. WECF’s contribution was supported by Women2030 and EuropeAid. The content of the toolkit is the sole responsibility of WECF and WEDO and cannot be interpreted to represent the views of EuropeAid.

Illustration credit: Maddie Mahoney

In this toolkit, you’ll find

  • Tips & tricks for software
  • Best practices for moderators
  • Key considerations for inclusivity
  • Planning engaging & exciting online meetings
  • Tools for digital safety
  • FAQs about online meetings

Watch & learn

Episode 1: Methodology and accessibility

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Episode 2: Nuts & bolts (logistics)

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Episode 3: Digital security

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