Issue Brief Women & Gender Constituency – False Solutions

The gravity and intensity of the climate emergency highlights the urgent need for profound changes in production, distribution and consumption to realize deep emissions reductions. But rich countries and corporations have tried to avoid this, and instead promote ‘solutions’ that seemingly reduce emissions and promote ‘clean and green’ ways of doing business, but in reality are ‘false climate solutions’.

The COP26 programme is heavily promoting such false climate solutions. These can be characterized as unproven techno-fixes, risky technologies, negative emissions technologies and offsetting mechanisms as part of net-zero climate emission strategies.

These include:
· carbon capture and storage (CCS)
· bio-energy
· geo-engineering
· nuclear energy
· plastic waste and other waste-to-energy approaches
· blue hydrogen and natural gas
· unsustainable renewable energy such as large hydro and geothermal.

Together with the Women and Gender Constituency we wrote an Issue Brief explaining why these so-called solutions can be considered false solutions.