Katachel e.V. organised in November 2014 a survey
among two groups of students of the on-­going sewing course in Kunduz.

Since the autumn of 2012 the EWA project in Afghanistan has been focussing on the training of young women from Kunduz to become professional dressmakers and/or seamstresses. This course enables them to generate an income by sewing for members of their community and/or a company. At the end of the training the girls have to pass a test in sewing a “masterpiece” and will then receive a certificate, which is recognized by the Government of Kunduz as a certificate. The granting of the certificates has always been done by the Minister for Women and a representative of the Minister of Economics, who are responsible for the NGOs. After passing the exam each woman will receive a sewing machine to enable them to start an own business. With the aim to learn more about the background and the motivation of the participating young women, as well the future planning and decision-‐making within their families,