BRS COP side event: gender perspective on sound management of chemicals and waste

We will look at tools and methodologies for gender mainstreaming implementation of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Convention. We will launch a Pocket Guide to the BRS Gender Action Plan by Grid Arendal, and the GEF small grant programme of UNDP will launch the Gender, Chemicals and Waste module of the UNCC E-Learning tool. The gender and chemicals experts of BIOM and EKOIS Kyrgyzstan, jointly with WECF and Balifokus will present the next initiatives on gender equality within the context of the BRS Gender Action Plan, with the initial findings of the scoping study in Kyrgyzstan. We will also look at examples of good practices and show how important this work is for achieving Agenda 2030

May 9, 2019 13:00-14:30 PM

Room 4, Geneva International Conference Center

Gender, chemicals & waste side event flyer