Check our Ecofeminist Scorecard for the 2024 EU Elections: Uniting for a Green and Feminist Europe

The 2024 European Union elections are swiftly approaching amidst global crises, such as climate change and geopolitical conflicts like Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine and humanitarian emergencies in Palestine, Sudan, and Congo. Far-right populist parties pose a threat to progress, promoting anti-gender rhetoric and ignoring climate issues. To counter this, advocating for a unified, green, and feminist Europe is essential.

The significant turnout of young voters in the 2019 EU elections highlighted their potential to drive tangible change. As current challenges escalate, youth involvement becomes even more critical. Therefore, WECF International has launched her pan European Ecofeminist Scorecard for the upcoming European elections to help citizens assess candidates’ stances on ecofeminist issues. Throughout the month May we will be organising webinars online, where you can learn more about the Ecofeminist Scorecard and participate in special sessions focused on pressing ecofeminist issues. All events will have simultaneous translations available to ensure accessibility for all.

Whether you’re new to understanding the workings of the European Union or seeking ways to actively engage in the upcoming elections, our EU Elections Toolkit for Youth provides invaluable resources to guide you through the process. Together, let’s work towards building a progressive and feminist Europe that prioritizes environmental sustainability, social justice, and equality for all.

Join us in making ecofeminist noise and advocating for a brighter, greener future for Europe.

Join our online launch event and webinar series ‘Ecofeminist Scorecard EU Elections 2024’!