What we do

The ‘Active citizen for people and planet! project increases citizens’ knowledge of the ongoing political debates and measures between 2023 and 2024. This happens through the engagement of citizens and communities in discussions and action related to our climate and environment, proposing solutions to decision-makers in vision of the 2024 European Parliament elections. The project will also contribute to countering disinformation and other forms of interference in the democratic debate, empowering citizens to make informed decisions by helping them identify disinformation and promoting media literacy, with journalists’ involvement focusing on aspects such as green washing. A diverse consortium of 7 organizations including 4 affiliates Oxfam (Novib, Ibis, Belgium and Intermon), WECF (Women Engaged for a Common Future), Maldita.es, and Atlas of the future, come together in this initiative, engaging countries across Europe including Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Romania, Croatia and Bulgaria. 

Focus areas

The project has 2 specific objectives: 

  1. Ask for Accountability and policy analysis: The project will analyze political proposals related to the environment and green issues from different parties, but also the actions of the power in place, demanding accountability to parliamentarians for their commitments.
  2. Broad youth and citizen engagement for climate action: The project will raise awareness among citizens though cultural events such as courageous conversations, festivals, online debates (feminist, interdisciplinary, decolonial and intersectional crosscutting thinking and learning from science and culture). 

Project Aims

ActZen project aims to be gender transformative, meaning striking for a transformation of unbalanced and discriminatory practices in relation to the project’s objectives and activities. This signifies that the visual identity, communication and visibility activities must not reinforce existing gender-based inequalities and discrimination. It is important to ensure that gender equality is explicitly profiled in messaging and images, telling powerful stories of women, girls, non-binary or other gender-oppressed bodies. 

The feminist approach and the intersectionality between gender justice and climate justice in a feminist climate justice approach is a core principle of the consortium organizations. A vision of change that transforms discriminatory gender norms is part of the principles of the proposal, encouraging critical, feminist, decolonial and cross-sectoral reflection. 


ActZen consortium members: Oxfam Novib, Oxfam Ibis, Oxfam Belgium, Oxfam Intermon, WECF (Women Engaged for Common Future), Maldita.es, and Atlas of the future.