Capacity building program for women in RHC sector

Do you want to improve gender equality in the renewable energy sector? But you lack arguments or guidelines for implementation? Then the W4RES “Capacity building program for women empowerment in the RHC sector” is right for you!

We have developed a detailed capacity building program for gender mainstreaming in the renewable heating and cooling (RHC) and renewable energy (RE) sector. The program plan guides you through twelve modules. Each module can be used individually, depending on the needs of the workplace and the gender mainstreaming objectives set. It contains a number of useful toolkits and documents for further training on gender issues in the energy sector. A set of recommendations on how to use and implement the program is provided as the last part of the document.

The seminar program

The seminar program is underpinned by the expertise of various energy experts with different backgrounds (energy community, energy consultancy, research). It was built around a progressive program plan for competence building. It begins with awareness-raising presentations on the link between gender and energy, moves on to an introduction to practical tools and practices and concludes with a demonstration of what can be achieved through the application of the newly introduced tools.

Participants will then have the opportunity to practice the first steps of a gender action plan for their sector. At the end of the seminar, participants will receive a training package to ensure the dissemination and sustainability of the program.

Annexes and toolkits

  • The capacity building program includes a step-by-step toolkit on “Building a Gender Equitable Private Energy Sector” with guidelines and examples for implementing the tools presented and practiced during the seminar.
  • The Gender-responsive Communication Toolkit consists of a set of two-sided postcards with graphics with key messages on the front and an explanatory part on the back. Users are invited to keep this communication toolkit carefully in order to apply gender-equitable communication in their daily work.
  • A gender-specific glossary contains a range of terms and definitions to remove barriers and uncertainties when dealing with gender-specific vocabulary.

In addition to the seminar program provided here, we have organized a webinar series together with the European Center for Women and Technology (ECWT). Watch here >>

The capacity building program for women empowerment in the RHC sector is part of our W4RES project and is funded by the European Union.


Annex 1: Building a gender-responsive private energy sector

The step-by-step toolkit on “Building a gender-responsive private energy sector” contains guidelines and examples for implementing the tools that were presented and practiced during the capacity building program.

Annex 2: Glossary of feminist terms

This glossary briefly and concisely explains many English terms that you will encounter in your work for gender equality.

Annex 3: Postcards for gender-sensitive communication

This Tookit consists of beautifully designed postcards that give you tips on how to communicate in English in a gender-sensitive way. Printed out, they look nice on office walls, in tea kitchens or on toilet doors.

Capacity building program - training of trainers

This long ToT version of the capacity building program includes all the annexes and toolkits listed above.It is your complete package for the empowerment of women in the energy sector.